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Atlantic Potato

High yielding variety, high specific gravity and uniform tuber size and

shape. Tubers are susceptible to internal heat necrosis,  especially in

sandy soils. Hollow heart in  the larger tubers can be serious in some

growing areas. Moderate  fertilization, close spacing and proper

timing of overhead irrigation will prevent the production of oversized

tubers that might have hollow heart. Atlantic is the standard variety

for chipping from the field or from very short-term storage.

Maturity: mid-season

Markets: Fresh market, chipping.

Uses: Good for boiling and baking, excellent for chipping and French-frying.


Plants: Moderately large, thick upright stems, purple at the base with an irregular pigmentation pattern upward; nodes slightly swollen; wings prominent.

Leaves: Close, bright, medium green, smooth, and moderately pubescent. Large asymmetrical primary leaflets and numerous secondary and tertiary leaflets.

Flowers: Numerous, heavily pubescent buds, pale lavender, orange anthers and abundant pollen.

Tubers: Oval to round with lightly netted to heavily scaled skin, shallow eyes, and white flesh. Tuber dormancy is medium-long. Purple sprouts.


Reaction to disease: Immune to tuber net necrosis and PVX. Resistant to race A of the golden nematode. Moderately resistant to common scab, late blight, bacterial pink eye disease and verticillium wilt.

Maturity: mid to late season

Markets: fresh market, processing of French-fries.

Uses: excellent for baking and French-frying.


Plants: Plants are large with an upright growth habit, wings

prominent, very slightly swollen nodes, not pigmented.

Leaves: medium green, semi-open, moderately pubescent.

Flowers: medium-sized, numerous, white corolla, yellow-

orange anthers.

Tubers: oblong, large, rough to netted buff skin; medium

deep eyes, moderate in number, slightly prominent

eyebrows; white flesh. Dormancy is short. Broad purple



Reaction to diseases: Moderately
susceptible to PVY, early blight, verticillium wilt.
Susceptible to common scab, leaf roll, storage soft rot.
CalWhite is medium maturing and is a very high yielding variety with few tubers
per plant. It is suitable for the long-white table stock market and has potential for
use in the frozen processing trade. Spacing between plants should be very
close to avoid oversize tubers. Performs well in hot climates; may form heat
sprouts under high soil conditions. Resistant to growth cracks, second growth,
shatter bruise, hollow heart and heat necrosis. Moderately resistant to
blackspot bruises. Susceptible to net necrosis caused by leafroll. Short
dormancy period, medium high specific gravity.


Chieftain has medium maturity, good yield potential and is widely adapted.

Tubers are attractive and well suited for the table stock market. Chieftain

is moderately resistant to scab, resistant to mild mosaic, stem end

browning and net necrosis caused by current season leaf roll. Well

suited for washing at maturity. Good storability. Medium specific gravity.

Maturity: mid-season

Market: seed export, fresh market, and pre-peeled product in the institutional trade.

Uses: good to excellent for boiling, good for chipping at harvest, excellent for french frying; not suitable for processing.


Plants: Medium sized, upright, spreading at maturity, Stems are medium green, wings prominent.
Leaves: Dark green, semi-open, slightly pubescent with numerous secondary leaflets.
Flowers: Large, light violet, anthers are yellow, with a moderate amount of fertile pollen.
Tubers: Oval to oblong, medium thick, bright red skin, white flesh. Eyes are shallow and well-distributed, medium dormancy, sprouts are reddish purple.


Reaction to Disease: Moderately resistant to late blight, common scab, rhizoctonia, silver scurf, stem-end browning, tuber net necrosis, verticillium wilt. Susceptible to black leg, fusarium dry rot, leaf roll, phoma rot, PVX and PVY.

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