Seed Potato Varieties

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La Rouge
La Rouge
La Rouge is a medium maturing variety that has a high yield potential of tubers that size early.

Market: fresh market


Plants: Medium large and spreading. Stems are pigmented

Leaves: Dark green and slightly pubescent.

Flowers: Violet with white tips; pollen is scant and has low fertility.

Tubers: Medium in size, oblong and somewhat irregular in shape. Skin is smooth and has a bright red color. Color fades as tubers mature. Eyes are moderately deep and well distributed. Tuber flesh is medium white to cream. Low specific .


Reaction to diseases: Good scab resistance but is susceptible to early and late blights, corky ring spot, and bacterial wilt.

Maturity: mid-season
Market: fresh market, seed exportation to Southern United States.
Uses: good for boiling, baking, chipping and French-frying.

Plants: Medium size, spreading, stems prominently angled, wings prominent.

Leaves: Close, long, broad, dark green
Flowers: Large, lavender, pollen is scant.
Tubers: Round to slightly oblong, deep red skin, medium-deep eyes, white flesh. Dark reddish purple sprouts.


Reaction to diseases: Moderately resistant to early blight. Susceptible to black leg, common scab, fusarium dry rot, late blight, leaf roll, verticillium wilt, PVX and PVY.
Red La Soda
Red La Soda

High yielding variety. Resistant to tipburn, and to wind, heat and drought

damage. Slightly susceptible to hollow heart and growth cracks. Wide

adaptation. Medium specific gravity. Good storability. Tubers size early.

Yukon Gold
Yukon Gold
Medium to high yielding variety. Large tubers are slightly susceptible to
hollow heart. Excellent storability. Long dormancy period. High specific

Maturity: mid-season

Market: fresh market and seed export potential.

Uses: Very good for boiling, baking, and French-frying. Unsuitable for chipping; retains its yellow flesh color when cooked.


Plants: Medium-large and upright. Lower three-quarters of stems purplish.

Leaves: Open, moderately shiny, olive green, stiffly pubescent; nodes not swollen.
Flowers: Light violet; buds light green to purplish green.

Tubers: Oval, somewhat flattened, yellowish white skin, shallow pink eyes, light yellow flesh.   Reddish purple sprouts.


Reaction to Diseases: Highly resistant to PVA. Moderately resistant to leaf roll.
Susceptible to common scab, PVY, air pollution.

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