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Farm Safety

We are more conscious of farm safety now that we were years ago. We have signs in our fields that read " Employees Only".  We have installed backup alarms on all of our equipment including harvesters. Our employees wear safety vests so that they are easily seen because we work a lot at night in the fall of the year.  We have taken courses in spraying and using chemicals also.


We are doing whatever we can to prevent accidents.  We don't want anybody to get hurt. We have our own way of doing things like most other farmers and we are very strict and protective of what we do with our land and the way we look after our equipment. 



Soil erosion is a huge challenge in the farming community. We are doing a lot of rotation and terracing. In the past two years we have built a number of waterways and we have put in about 20,000 feet of terracing during the past 10 years.  We are doing everything possible to protect our soil.


When it comes to spraying we are doing whatever we can to limit the amount of chemicals that we use.  We haul all our water to the fields now and are very conscious about the chemicals that we use. We work with an agronomist who tests our soil to limit the use of fertilizer and other chemicals.  He gives us an analysis of just exactly what we need. We only spray pesticides when it's necessary.

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