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Brian Adams
Brian Adams
Brian is in charge of sales and
the contact for seed potatoes.
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Brent Adams
Brent Adams
Brent is in charge of production.

We have been in Business since 1979. This is our 25th year

in seed Potatoes and we continue to maintain excellent quality.


Customers become loyal to you when you maintain good

quality and you use them right.  We keep our price

consistent and competitive and our customers are loyal to us.


Farming is a way of life. We believe farms should be passed

on from one generation to the next in order to keep the

farming community alive. Learning how to treat the soil, how

to store potatoes and vegetables and how to handle

equipment is something you are brought up with, is not

something you learn in 3 or 4 years of University. You learn

to farm by speaking to your elders and neighbors and by

questioning people who have been around the industry.

With the number of people that are leaving the farms it may

be important to ask ourselves "Who is going to grow the food?"

461 King Kristian Rd., New Denmark, N B E7G 1X2
Tel.: (506) 553-6833   Fax: (506) 553-6260   E-mail
Brian Adams Cel: (506) 473-0335
Brent Adams Cel: (506) 475-3913  E-mail:

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