Seed Potato Varieties

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High yielding variety,  very good resistance to skinning and hollow heart, medium dormancy period, medium specific gravity. Good storability.

Maturity: very early

Market: very early fresh market

Uses: excellent for boiling and baking.


Plants: Medium size, stems not pigmented; straight wings.

Leaves: Olive green, semi-open, not pubescent.
Flowers: Very few, flower buds pubescent.

Tubers: Oval, semi-flattened, rarely oversized. Smooth white skin, shallow eyes, white flesh.


Reaction to diseases: Highly resistant to potato wart, leaf roll, rhizoctonia. Moderately resistant to common scab. Susceptible to silver scurf. Highly susceptible to PVY.

Maturity: mid-season

Market: Fresh market, count carton trade, processing.  

Uses: excellent for baking and boiling; very good for French-frying if processed from harvest or short term storage. Particularly suitable for home and restaurant.


Plants: Medium to large, upright growth, medium size waved wings and no prominent nodes.

Leaves: Green to dark green, moderately pubescent.

Flowers: Few, large, off-white to light lavender.

Tubers: Oblong to long, dark brown russetted skin, very white flesh. Eyes are numerous, shallow and well distributed. Sprouts are white with purple tips.


Reaction to diseases: Very resistant to hollow heart. Good resistance to common scab. Moderately resistant to verticillium wilt and silver scurf. Susceptible to most potato virus, early blight, late blight, soft rot and fusarium dry rot.

High yielding variety. Tubers are generally smooth and uniform with very
few external or internal defects. Very good resistance to hollow heart.
Tuber specific gravity is medium. Good storability; medium dormancy period.

La Chipper
La Chipper
La Chipper is a midseason variety with moderate to high tuber yield and moderate specific gravity.

Uses: Well suited for processing into potato chips.


Plants: Medium and spreading with very slightly pigmented stems, slightly swollen nodes, and prominent, single, green wings.

Leaves: Open, light green and slightly pubescent.

Flowers: Buds are light green. Flower lobes are slightly pigmented and heavily pubescent. Fair quantity and quality of pollen.

Tubers: Elongated, somewhat flattened. Skin is smooth and white with medium to deep, cream colored eyes that are fairly evenly distributed. Very white flesh.


Reaction to diseases: Some resistance to late blight. It is moderately susceptible to common scab.

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